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Early Childhood Center


Welcome to the Early childhood center!

The Early Childhood Center was founded over 40 years ago and has long been admired as one of the best preschools in our community. Our preschool and kindergarten (for children ages 3-6) is licensed by the PA Department of Education. Our license assures you that your child’s teachers are providing a 21st century education in a developmentally appropriate environment. We do not do this with worksheets and rote learning, but through carefully planned learning environments and experiences. As Heather Shumaker, a noted early childhood commentator and writer, says, “Times have changed, but children haven’t. Children are on the same evolutionary path they’ve always been on.” Through meaningful play our children build cognitive, problem-solving, memory, and social-emotional skills to build a love of learning for its own sake so that they are successful life-long learners. Our infant and toddler programs (for children ages 3 months through age 2) practice this same philosophy of education while ensuring your child is well cared for under the auspices of the PA Department of Human Services (formerly, the Department of Public Welfare).

The Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Early Childhood Center is a PA Keystone Star 2 Center. We are currently working on our Star 3 certification. Keystone Stars is a voluntary assessment program that quantifiably demonstrates our ability and commitment to provide a quality education program for all children in a loving and caring environment.

Our Mission Statement and Philosophies of Education are reproduced below. For more information about our Center and our Core Programming, please feel free to browse the menu found on the right side of this page.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide young children with Jewish values based early childhood education within the context of a strong secular program. The goal of our school is to develop our children’s school readiness, social-emotional competency and compassion for others with an understanding of culture as both Americans and Jews. Our school serves students from all types of families. We are a diverse, inclusive and caring community where every student has a special place. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe, loving and compassionate learning environment where children are respected as learners seeking meaningful experiences to develop new and transferable knowledge.

*An Equal Opportunity Care Provider*


Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El’s Early Childhood Center promotes a loving, joyful, inclusive and playful environment that is rich in experiences fostering imagination, curiosity, creativity and independence. Our classroom model features a balance of child initiated play and teacher guided learning based on Pennsylvania learning standards and each child’s own natural curiosity. Play is at the forefront of our educational philosophy. Like Stuart Brown, MD, the founder of the National Institute of Play, we believe that “Nothing lights up a child’s brain like play.” 

The development and practice of social competency skills permeates all aspects of our curriculum. We believe it is important for children to form positive relationships with each other in an atmosphere of respect, caring and appreciation of their own and others’ individuality.

Similarly, it is clearly understood that each child is a unique individual with his or her own pace of development. We support Developmentally Appropriate Practice, as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, in which all areas of a child’s development (social, emotional, cognitive and physical) are considered equally important and interdependent in the growth of the child. To this end, our teachers strive to provide developmentally appropriate experiences that will help each child to acquire and develop the attributes of curiosity, inventiveness, imagination, responsibility, independence, persistence, engagement and problem solving.

Young children learn by exploring the world around them with a sense of awe. Children naturally exhibit an extraordinary sensitivity to the hidden wonders of what we adults often find to be seemingly ordinary. Our Early Childhood Center is a place that seeks to nurture this sense of awe, as well as the spiritual and ethical dimensions of our children.

Jewish values are at the core of social and
educational life in the Early Childhood Center. We strive to give our children the gift of their Jewish heritage as it exists and is experienced both in The United States and in Israel. We enthusiastically approach all that we do by seeing and by experiencing through the lens of Judaism. As teachers, and as a community, we nurture our children in a Jewish environment that will promote
a sense of faith, values and ethics from which to draw upon in later years.


You, your child, and your family will find yourselves
on a fulfilling and exciting journey 

when you become part of our family at
Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El’s Early Childhood Center.
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