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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Sound Files


Shabbat Morning

1. Hotzaah, Sim Shalom p.139/Lev Shalem p.168
2. Torah Blessings
3. Torah Trope
4.  Haftarah Trope
6.  Numbers
8.  Ashrei
9. Haknasa, Sim Shalom p.153/Lev Shalem p.183

 Shabbat Afternoon

1.  Ashrei, Sim Shalom p.226/Lev Shalem p.214
2.  Hotzaah, Sim Shalom p.229/Lev Shalem p.218
3.  Torah Trope
4.  Torah Blessings
5.  Haknasa, Sim Shalom p.232/Lev Shalem p.221
6.  Mincha Amidah, Sim Shalom p.234/Lev Shalem p.223
7.  Aleinu, Sim Shalom p.248,297/Lev Shalem p.231,281
8.  Sh'ma v'ahavta, Sim Shalom p.282/Lev Shalem p.265
9. Traditional Havdalah, Sim Shalom p.299/Lev Shalem p.283


Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El 2020 Music From the Cantor 

Sultzer's famous Vayhi Binsoa/Ki Mitzion as originally composed for four part men's chorus | click here to listen



Since 2001, Dr. Barbara Grinnell and I have been compiling and recording synagogue melodies for our Congregation. We have produced three compact discs that are given to members.

Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Congregational Tunes for Shabbat

CD Liner Notes – TBH-BE Congregational Tunes for Shabbat

Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El – Ruach Shabbat

CD Liner Notes – Ruach Shabbat

Kiddush  Yigdal  Halleluhu   Shiru L’Hashem Shir Chodosh
V’shomru  Tov L’hodos  Bei Ana Rachetz  Barcheinu Avinu  David Melech-Siman Tov
Eleh Chamda Libi  Ki Hem Chayenu  Uvau Haovdim  V’enenu  V’haer Enenu
Yasis Alayich  Y’varech’cha  Hevenu Shalom  Harachaman  Ush’avtem Mayim
Yiboneh  Hinei Ma Tov  Hinei Ma Tov Dance  Urei Vanim  Nigun  Lo Yisa Goy
Mizmor L’dovid  Etz Chayim
L’dor Vador  V’techezena  V’al Kulam  Sim Shalom  Al Kein

Learn the New Ashrei
(2009 version). Enjoy this beautiful new tune for Ashrei, performed by Hazzan Eugene Rosner and Dr. Barbara Grinnell.

New Melodies post cd’s

Bircat Kohanim  Kein Yhi Ratzon  L’dor Vador  Ushmor Tzeiteinu  Avinu Shebashamayim  Ein Keloheinu  Ana Avda  Nigunelecha  Nigunrevelation  Nigunlchuneranena  Nigunnishmat

New Ruach Shabbat-Style Melodies

Achat Shaalti  Ashirah Lashem

Refrain from Miriam’s Song (for Shabbat Shirah and 7th day of Passover) composed and performed by Debbie Friedman (z”l)

Tunes for Shirat Shabbat

Psalm 96Lechu Neranena  Yedid Nefesh 
Mizmor L'David  Yigdal


From the January/February 2019 Pharisee

Two melodies from the Shabbat musaf service

From the March 2018 Pharisee

Ahava Raba mode

From the February 2018 Pharisee

Torah Blessings

Jewish Choral Music

Song of Songs Chapter 3, by Yehezkel Braun, excerpts
Performed by Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Synagogue Chorale

S'u Shearim, by Samuel Naumbourg
Performed by Temple Beth Hillel - Beth El Synagogue Chorale

Haknasat Hatorah
by Salomon Sulzer

Psalm 100
by Louis Lewandowski
Temple Beth Hillel–Beth El Synagogue Chorale
Lee Milhous, conductor

Ma Ashiv
by Louis Lewandowski
Temple Beth Hillel–Beth El Synagogue Chorale
Lee Milhous, Organ

Jewish Choral Music has always had a special place in my heart. Several members of our synagogue chorale regularly attend the North American Jewish Choral Festival. Here we learn new choral music and have a chance to sing with hundreds of other Jewish community singers. I had the honor of performing the following work with Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller and NAJCF youth ensemble assembled that week!

Kaddish, by Jay Danzig

Download the music and play it on your computer (4.0 MB file).

Performed at the 2004 North American Jewish Choral Festival by

  • NAJCF Youth Chorus
  • Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller
  • Hazzan Eugene Rosner
  • Alan Mason, piano

Another special NAJCF performance occurred a few years ago. We are in a Jewish Community Choirs golden age of sorts, where new ensembles are springing up everywhere. How wonderful!

Several of our members are actually singers in NASHIRAH, the Philadelphia Adult Jewish Community Choir.

Naumbourg’s Psalm 100
sung by NASHIRAH, conducted by Robert Ross

  • Soloist: Hazzan Eugene Rosner
  • Piano: Joyce Rosenzweig

Click here to hear it!

YouTube Video from Cantor’s Concert 11/22/2009 – Sim Shalom, Janowski – HHS Chambers, Hazzan Eugene Rosner Click here to see it!
It’s always great inviting local community talent to our synagogue.  It’s another great privilege to have been soloist with the Haverford Chamber Singers. As you can see, synagogue music and choral music can go hand in hand!

NEW! Hazzan Rosner Instructional Videos

Selecting a Tikkun
Wrapping Tefillin Made Easy!

Concert Music

From Holocaust to Life – New Yiddish Songs

Valdstsene, music by David Botwinik

Shabes-lid, words and music by David Botwinik Sung by Hazzan Eugene Rosner

Mon, March 8 2021 24 Adar 5781