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Assisted Listening Devices

Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El is proud to provide an FM radio frequency assistive listening system in the Rothschild Memorial Main Sanctuary, the Holocaust Memorial Chapel and the Cherry Auditorium.  In addition, a portable FM radio frequency assistive listening system is now available for use in the Coslov Auditorium, the Library, the Community Room and other locations throughout the synagogue’s facilities. We are excited that people with a hearing loss will now be able to attend and participate in any service or event offered at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El.  If you have difficulty hearing or understanding speech in the synagogue, our systems allow you to hear sound directly in your ear, free from distance issues, poor room acoustics and background noise. Even if you don’t use hearing aids, you can still benefit from the assistive listening systems.

We firmly believe that offering this easy, effective way to hear and understand demonstrates our deep respect for Jewish values. It empowers our members and guests with a hearing loss to fully participate in the rich Jewish life of our synagogue.

An assistive listening system consists of a microphone to collect sound, a transmitter to send the signal across distance, a receiver to intercept the signal, and a listening attachment to send sound from the receiver to your ear, hearing aid, or cochlear implant. An ear speaker or ear buds are examples of listening attachments for the system.

Our systems use radio waves to transmit sound from our sound system directly to a wireless listening receiver, an iPod-type listening device. When the listening receiver is connected to an ear speaker it provides sound that is clear and distinct to individuals with a hearing loss, at any location when the system is in use. The listening receiver can be used either with your hearing aids removed or placed over your hearing aid microphones.

These listening receivers are conveniently located in a case on the table next to the Main Sanctuary doors and on the bookcase in the entrance to the Holocaust Memorial Chapel. During the High Holidays, the listening receivers are located just outside the synagogue’s main entrance.  Printed instructions for using the assistive listening system and receivers are also available.

Please tell a greeter or usher that you would like to borrow a listening receiver and ear speaker. Disposable ear buds are also available for your use.  You may also bring your own ear buds or headphones. Our receivers will accept any device with a standard 3.5mm, two-ring (TRS), audio cable plug.  If the receiver malfunctions in any way, please seek assistance from a greeter or usher.

Gustav Ganzfried z”l generously donated the assistive listening system for the Main Sanctuary.  Additional generous contributions from members and an Open Hearts Award from PATHWAYS.ORG provided the necessary funding for the assistive listening system for the Holocaust Memorial Chapel and the portable assistive listening system.

For more information about using assistive listening system receivers, please refer to the

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for improving your listening experience at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El, please speak with Ken Krivitzky, Executive Director.

Revised: February 2016

Sat, September 30 2023 15 Tishrei 5784