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Special Needs Programs

Since Bright Horizon’s founding in 1989, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El has held fast to several core Jewish values which have guided the decision to serve this very special Bright Horizon’s community of young children. No matter your religious affiliation, your special needs child has a place at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El. The two core Jewish values which we practice daily are:

  • Adam Yachid - a single human being - The rabbinic concept that one human being was created originally so that no one can say, “my father was greater than your father.” In other words, every human being is unique and inherently precious.
  • Chesed v’Rachamim - compassion and kindness, especially for those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.

Our special needs programs require a special in-take interview for parents and students. Please contact the school office at 610-649-2277 to make an appointment.

We believe you will agree with us at Temple Beth Hill-Beth El that our special needs programs are a blessing to your child, in particular, to your family and to the community at large.

Bright Horizons

For Children ages 3 to 5 years of age by September 1.
5 mornings per week, with prior approval of staff and Director, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The Bright Horizons program is a unique learning environment for preschool children with delays in the acquisition of one or more areas of language, attention, motor skills and/or cognitive skills.  Begun in the fall of 1993, the program exemplifies Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El’s commitment to an essential principle of Judaism, Kol Yisrael Averim Zeh Lazeh, all Jews are responsible for one another (Pirke Avot). This principle, in addition to Judaism’s emphasis on education, led us at Beth Hillel-Beth El to believe that all the children of our community, regardless of their abilities, deserve a high-quality Jewish education.

The Bright Horizons program works in unison with our 3-year-old and Pre-K classroom teachers to provide what is often much needed small group support in the areas of individualized instruction and social emotional regulation. The Bright Horizons curriculum and philosophy are modeled after that of the general preschool, including its philosophy of the Whole Child Theory of Development. With flexibility, a foremost priority, daily activities and experiences are designed and modified to meet the specific goals and needs of the children.

In addition, the Bright Horizons program provides the opportunity, when appropriate, for inclusion in other areas of our typical preschool program. This includes participation in music, special school programs and events, playground and gym time, Shabbat and holiday celebrations.

From time to time, it may be appropriate for professionals other than those employed by Beth Hillel to observe and work with any of our children in the school. We follow each child’s IEP, when applicable. and all professionals responsible for its administration. For additional information regarding non-Beth Hillel professionals, please consult with your child’s teacher or the school director.

Let’s Play

For Children ages 4 to 5 years of age by September 1.
5 afternoons per week, with prior approval of staff and Director, from 12:00 PM to 3:15 PM.

Let’s Play is an afternoon enrichment program designed to enhance and develop the social skills of preschoolers within a nurturing and caring environment through direct instruction, modeling and practice within the Let's Play classroom or a typical preschool classroom when appropriate. Let’s Play is a fun and relaxed social skills program unlike most programs available. As opposed to the common once a week model, Let’s Play meets 3 afternoons a week as a separate class to provide direct instruction in social skills and play skills. When our staff feels your child is ready, the other two days of the week provide opportunities for your child to 'push-in' to a typical classroom with our staff. Let’s Play was designed to help build socially competent children who are caring, respectful and confident.

While most of the Let’s Play children come from our morning preschool programs, a number of children come to us from any number of other preschool programs in the surrounding communities.


Religious school for children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grades. Please contact our religious school director, Lisa Richman (, to sign up or for more information.

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