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Special Needs Programs

Since Bright Horizon’s founding 24 years ago, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El has held fast to several core Jewish values which have guided the decision to serve this very special Bright Horizon’s community of young children. The two core Jewish values which we practice daily are:

• Adam Yachid – a single human being – The rabbinic concept that one human being was created originally so that no one can say, “my father was greater than your father.” In other words, every human being is unique and inherently precious.

• Chesed v’Rachamim – compassion and kindness, especially for those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.

We believe you will agree with us at Temple Beth Hill-Beth El that our special needs programs are a blessing to your child, in particular, to your family and to the community at large.

Bright Horizons

For Children ages 3 to 5 years of age by September 1.

5 half days per week from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Options for early care (beginning at 7:30 AM) are available.

Now in its year, Bright Horizons is a social language class for young children  with developmental delays in speech, language, motor skills, and attention. Our success with these unique children is widely known and praised within both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities of the greater Philadelphia area. Our professionally trained staff includes a speech pathologist, a consulting psychologist, specially trained assistants, a music teacher and a creative movement specialist. All Bright Horizons children join in with the school community for Shabbat, holidays and special school-wide events.

Our staff often works in conjunction with the Montgomery County I.U. for special services, and will work in conjunction with outside professionals with whom your child already has a relationship. When your child’s ‘professional team’ feels it is appropriate, your child may be eligable for part or full-time mainstreaming into our regular preschool classes.

Let’s Play

For Children ages 3 to 5 years of age by September 1.

3 afternoons per week from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Let’s Play is an enrichment program designd to enhance and develop the social skills of preschoolers within a nurturing and caring environment through direct instruction, modeling and practice. Let’s Play is a fun and relaxed social skills program unlike most programs available. As opposed to the common once a week model, Let’s Play meets three afternoons a week to provide the consistency and continuity young children need to gain these very valuable social skills. Let’s Play is taught by one of Bright Horizon’s highly trained teaching professionals to help build socially competent children who are caring, respectful and confident.

While most of the Let’s Play children come from our morning Bright Horizon’s program, a number of children come to us after a morning preschool program in our Early Child Center or from any number of other preschool programs in the surrounding communities.


For Children Kindergarten through 2nd Grades, please contact Rabbi Israel to sign up.

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