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educational programming

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten children have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of educational and cultural activities in the Philadelphia area by taking trips to the Bluett Theater of St. Joseph’s University, The Camden Aquarium, Morris Arboretum, Children’s Festival at the University of Pennsylvania, Lower Merion Conservancy, Philadelphia Zoo, Sandy Hill Farm and the Philadelphia Art Museum. These are just a few of the field trips our students have taken over the years.

Cultivating the social, emotional and moral intelligence in children

Getting to Know You; Cultivating the Social, Emotional and Moral Intelligence in Children is an expansive approach to life which builds confidence, self-esteem and strong moral character while teaching the skills which enable the children to lead rewarding lives full of promise and optimism.

Written by Annalee Cohen, who taught here for 37 years before retiring in 2012, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El’s Getting to Know You program was designed for your child to develop better social competencies in and out of the classroom.

When the children first come to the Early Childhood Center, through Getting to Know You, they are introduced to social competency and character building concepts. As they move through the older classes, the curriculum continuously evolves developmentally with the children. Each year stands alone, but builds on what has come before and becomes an integral part of the whole.

This venture forms a perfect synthesis with Torah Education, Jewish values and Mitzvot. Jewish life is at the core of this mission and is the foundation on which our philosophy is based. It is a process that is integrated into every aspect of the school culture, including the academic framework.

When conversations on kindness, respect, altruism, individuality and courage become a part of the children’s daily lives, so does strong moral character. In our ever changing world, the goal of helping children discover the storehouses of their inner strengths is the focus of this mission. When the children graduate from the Early Childhood Center, they will be socially, emotionally and morally well prepared for the challenges that await them as they enter the next chapter in their lives.

Music with Mama Mac

There is nothing more fun than starting the week off with music! While the program for the younger children is filled with finger plays, silly songs and of course seasonal and holiday music and dance, it can get quite sophisticated at times. The children learn early on that the first two or three minutes of the program is for listening. We will also use musical instruments and learn about slow and fast rhythm.

Don’t be surprised if your child comes home singing in Hebrew! We love to sing songs just like the yeladim in Israel!

physical education

Young children need lots of physical activity. Exercise builds strong bones and muscles. It also helps children sleep well at night and stay alert during the day. It  promotes hand-eye coordination and improves concentration in school. But in order to keep kids engaged and involved, fitness has to be fun.

At Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Early Childhood’s Center, we provide children with many opportunities to experience and practice exercise and sports skills. By promoting movement that enhances cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and self-esteem our goal is to help kids establish the foundation for a life-long habit of achieving fitness.

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