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After School Programs

Special after school programs provide parents of transitional fours through kindergarten with options to extend the day while encouraging fun, imagination, and fitness. A healthy snack is provided.

Story Theatre with Wolf PAC!

Wolf Performing Arts Center (Wolf PAC), is a non-profit 510(c)(3) theatre organization. We work with children of all ages because we know that drama allows students to build confidence, hone public speaking skills, expand their imagination, work collaboratively, apply critical thinking skills, and so much more. Our staff is comprised of professional actors and educators who eagerly share their knowledge and years of experience with our students. Wolf PAC is thrilled to offer a Story Theater  class at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El! Stories come to life in this creative class where imagination is center stage. Young performers will create and act out stories using costumes, creativity, and most importantly – fun!  For ages 3-5 years.

Art Club

Kindergarten and Pre-K students explore different artists and medium with our resident artist Judy Kurman. From Picasso, to Degas, to Andy Warhol, Judy brings real art and literature for the children to study. You never know, your child may be the next Picasso and Judy is just the person to nurture that talent! Offered during the winter months only.


We have a great time learning about science though fun and messy science experiments! Children are requested to not wear their best Shabbos clothing. From exploding volcanoes to color experiments with paint, our afternoon programming is sure to light up your child’s mind to the wonders of science! Offered in the fall and spring.


Children have a great time learning to control balance and their breath while developing core muscle coordination and balancing skills. Using traditional animal poses our Yoga program is sure to delight and engage your child while helping them develop strong minds and bodies!

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyyar 5782