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Membership Categories and Benefits

We have three different membership options for you:

Full Membership: This is our most common membership option and is designed for those whom Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El is your primary synagogue. Membership 
privileges include access to the clergy for all life cycle events, including B'nai Mitzvah, funerals, shiva minyanim and bris/baby namings.  You get access to our congregational schools, high holiday tickets, are able to serve on the congregation board of directors and have a vote at congregation meetings. Full member family receive membership discounts for the Early Childhood Center.  Full members may elect to either pay dues via our traditional dues options or to sign up as a part of our Patron model. 

Associate Membership: Associate Membership is designed for those whom Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El is not your primary synagogue.  Membership privileges include access to the clergy for life cycle events, excluding B'nai Mitzvah. You get access to congregational schools and receive a partial membership discount for the Early Childhood Center. Associate Members are able to access our High Holiday services online, do not receive High Holiday tickets, are not eligible to serve on the synagogue Board of Directors and do not have a vote at congregation meetings. 

Virtual Membership (Previously known as Friends of): Our Virtual Membership is designed for those that live outside of the Lower Merion/Main Line area. It has been created to allow us to connect with those interested in receiving our communications and accessing classes and services online. 

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