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Hametz sale

As we prepare our homes for Pesach with cleaning  and  scouring,  we  include  the  ritual  of  M’Chirat  Hametz, the ancient tradition of selling hametz. Despite  the  fact  that  your  hametz  (all  non‐Passover  goods,  dishes and utensils) has been been put away, those  items are still in your possession. The injunction of Passover requires that these items not  remain in your possession. In order to fulfill this requirement, we sell our hametz. This sale is  affected either in person or by  completing the form on the following page, Having  received your power of attorney to sell your hametz,  Rabbi  Cooper  will  sell  it  on  your  behalf  while  the  items remain in your homes or stored away. A second tradition, Ma'ot Hitim, accompanies the sale of hametz. This tradition (literally, “wheat money”)  reminds us that there are some families who will not  have  the  wherewithal  for  matzah  or  other  needs  to  celebrate the holiday. Ma’ot Hitim money is used to support the Jewish  families locally and throughout the  world.  We  will  report  to  you  on  these  funds  after  Pesach.  As  you  prepare  for  Pesach,  please  consider participation in these traditions.  

Deed of Authorization
Removing the Hametz

I hereby authorize Rabbi Neil Cooper to be my agent to sell all kinds of hametz including, but not limited to, any leavened food, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils used with leavened food which may be in my possession at the address below. I understand that the sale will be effected by 10:30am on Wednesday, April 8. I further understand that if the terms of the agreement are not fulfilled by Thursday night, April 16 by 9:35pm, the sale will be null and void.

Sat, August 8 2020 18 Av 5780