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Can We Please Count On You?

08/02/2018 12:18:06 PM


July 10, 2018


Dear Members of Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El,


One of the amazing things about our synagogue community is that we are here for each other. In good times and in not so good times. We care about each other and we care for each other in numerous ways. But I am writing to ask for your help in one specific way: can you please commit to attend one minyan (prayer service) —morning or evening—each month? Our minyan schedule is as follows:



Morning Services

Evening Services


6:45 AM

7:45 PM


7:45 AM

7:45 PM


7:45 AM

7:45 PM


7:30 AM

7:45 PM


7:45 AM

6:00 PM


9:00 AM



Over the past few months, it has become harder to “make a minyan” on weekday mornings and on some weekday evenings. I have heard from folks who attended the minyan to say Kaddish or Yahrtzeit for a loved one that they arrive at our synagogue to perform this mitzvah, which is really such a beautiful and meaningful one, only to find out that the requisite quorum of 10 Jewish adults has failed to materialize. When you stop and think about it, that is really disappointing, given the robust size of our congregation: over 700 households. We can do better than we are doing. I am writing to ask you to step up and be counted.


Specifically, what I am asking of you is this: let us know, by signing up on this link,, that you are committing to attend (at least) one weekday (or Sunday morning) minyan each month. You do not have to let us know right now which day and which service (am or pm) will work for you each month. If you would kindly agree to help your fellow congregants out once a month, we will send a schedule to you at the beginning of each month for you to select “your” service. It’s really simple. But a commitment of less than 30 minutes each month can make a huge difference. It’s the difference between being able to recite the full am/pm service—or not.


To a mourner or a person marking a Yahrtzeit, your kindness means so much. And being “counted” is a very special feeling as well. Commit to being counted once a month. I promise you that the satisfaction you will derive by performing this mitzvah—not to mention some pre-and post minyan socializing—will be well worth your time.


Think about it. Please step up and be counted. I hope we can count on YOU!


With much appreciation, I am,




Randy Goldberg
President, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El



Tue, December 10 2019 12 Kislev 5780